Carry me in your memories so that ..
I may cheat death a little longer.
Anyway, not Happy but Birthday bhai !!
If you were here I might heard “Same To You” ..
because we are the same, on a same Date ..
in a different World.

Is that two eyes and a nose on you face?
That’s funny, I have the same in the exact same place ..
I wish I could look through those eyes ..
You can’t deny it, but you’re wearing the same smile as me ..
As different as we may see, Identical we may as well be ..

What am scared of, where does my fear come from. Tell me, we probably scared of the exact thing. If you want, we can share the same hiding place .. Take me with you for just today.


And when you remember me I bet you feel the same way ..
Different person yes,
but it’s the same magic..
because we’re the same piece of our roots.
There is no them and us ..
No they and we ..
Their is me and you ..

You and I share the same Eyes ..
Same sight .. Same surface ..
You and I share the same Heart ..
Same rhythm .. Same purpose ..
Not share the same place to live Happily ..
But we share the same Date to celebrate .. !!

“Happy Birthday Bro” .. “Same to you Bro”




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