Same to You .. !!

. Carry me in your memories so that .. I may cheat death a little longer. Anyway, not Happy but Birthday bhai !! If you were here I might heard “Same To You” .. because we are the same, on a same Date .. in a different World. Is that two eyes and a nose […]

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Surely Arriving !!

. It is a Dark Moon, And I’m on a distant, perhaps Pluto, I’m by the rocks of the ocean and, Directly in front of me into the distance, I can see the moon itself, It is shining down on the water, Suddenly, it’s beam create an illuminated white-blueish sparking path, To the center of […]

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An Earnest Request .. !!

. Spoken word in Darken .. Here I am: Open, Vulnerable, Raw .. As the light flow from the cavity .. through the calm and unknown path .. under the rubble lies secrets of his destruction .. her egos stripped naked to the core .. We walk the path of the unknown .. with only faith carrying our […]

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Plea to Return .. !!

. There was a silent storm in her Eyes .. The shine on her Hair with gentle seas .. I crave Ocean for this once .. .. Insanity .. I want a tattoo of this poem onto the moon .. So when I trace the backward shadow of Her .. with the Moon in the frame .. I’ll […]

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Eyes of Pride .. !!

. Decorate the eyelids that are curled under the eyebrows … Respect the words that have fallen down .. !! . This is a Crown .. This is a Throne .. This is a Poison .. This is a Drink of affection .. This is the land of God .. We are here dramatics playing […]

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Integrity .. !!

. Flying away on paper wings .. It’s healing where it shouldn’t .. It can’t understand the delicate Heart .. Because it’s under an illusion .. Doesn’t see, think, or know .. restriction .. Lost it’s way, what a fool the heart is .. It can conquer all forts break through walls .. Love’s beautiful […]

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Saudade .. !!

. The thought I wrote, for my flame have now entered the bazaar. The verses which were the foundation of our love will be sold to the highest bidder. Worth their weight in silver. my Afkaar, Poetry and emotion. …  Her eyes shine with the flame of the bonfire .. Snow melts at her feet […]

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