The Shore !!

.. Searching for Shore .. in whose eyes the sun sets .. the sun sets in whose eyes .. drop turned saline .. Who to ask how much longer .. the pain we continue to bear .. holding the hand of the blinded night .. we must walk yet how much longer .. drop becomes […]

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Honest Conversation !!

.. When the lights go out and we get to sit out in the soft light of just a little bit of hope, we can think of ourselves, the nature shows her face to us and we see how damaged we are from ages of being beaten down. Being highly intuitive & energy sensitive comes […]

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Try Again !!

. A little chant may not seem like a real spell, but it can still bring magical results of you put your heart into it. Use this spell when you are looking for something you’ve misplaced in you home. You just need a white candle. Light the candle, and put it in a holder that […]

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Merakhi !!

.. Someday, we’ll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain .. I always did something I was little not ready to do .. I was not aware where I’m steeping into, I think that’s how you grow .. After working on it you whispered .. “Damn I’m not really sure […]

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Who Says that !!

.. .. “Some people will only love you if you fit into their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint.” .. A world without you The stars shine But not so bright When leaves rattle, the silence kill Every heartbeat is a reminder Of you presence Of your memories I hold myself together But fall apart […]

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Same to You .. !!

. Carry me in your memories so that .. I may cheat death a little longer. Anyway, not Happy but Birthday bhai !! If you were here I might heard “Same To You” .. because we are the same, on a same Date .. in a different World. Is that two eyes and a nose […]

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