Surely Arriving !!



It is a Dark Moon,
And I’m on a distant, perhaps Pluto,
I’m by the rocks of the ocean and,
Directly in front of me into the distance,
I can see the moon itself,
It is shining down on the water,
Suddenly, it’s beam create an illuminated white-blueish sparking path,
To the center of the ocean at front.
I follow this path for years in complete tranquility,
Until I am found directly under the moon,
All of this takes place within the depth,
Of my mind at a light speed motion within my sorrow’s eye ..

The path then ends and there is a whitened circle on the surface of the moon completing 365 days without you.
And Its a life time cycle.




An Earnest Request .. !!



Spoken word in Darken ..
Here I am:
Open, Vulnerable, Raw ..
As the light flow from the cavity ..
through the calm and unknown path ..
under the rubble lies secrets of his destruction ..
her egos stripped naked to the core ..
We walk the path of the unknown ..
with only faith carrying our spirits ..
Is faith enough?
Here I am:
Open, Vulnerable, Raw ..
as the light flow straight ..
the fear wraps its aura around my heart ..
I sensed her presence through the invisible wall ..
Speaking the Ugly Words ..
Respect the Death ..
Compliment the broken Pieces ..
Look but Don’t Touch .. !!


Plea to Return .. !!



There was a silent storm in her Eyes ..

The shine on her Hair with gentle seas ..

I crave Ocean for this once ..

.. Insanity ..

I want a tattoo of this poem onto the moon ..

So when I trace the backward shadow of Her ..

with the Moon in the frame ..

I’ll take me straight to her ..

Hoping for Look at her again ..

Feel the smell of her Hair ..

 while turning the pages of our Destiny ..

and start reading ..

the Honesty on her face ..

All over again .. !!



Eyes of Pride .. !!

nuclear_heaven-wallpaper-1920x1080 (1)


Decorate the eyelids that are curled under the eyebrows …

Respect the words that have fallen down .. !!


This is a Crown ..

This is a Throne ..

This is a Poison ..

This is a Drink of affection ..

This is the land of God ..

We are here dramatics playing the role of statues ..

My house burnt with ease ..

I’m standing behind you peacefully ..

Believe me ..

Not a single flame can touch you ..

Somebody has paid me to be quiet ..

Because ..

this pen is slave of someone .. !!



Walking; Back to the Sea .. !!



This place, where I stand still ..
it reminds me of your broken heart ..
its heavy with your thoughts ..
when you sways in your own pace ..
I succumb to those feeling like it used to hold your my heart ..
You’re not alone ..
Nor you ever will be ..
You are fun in your thoughts over-thoughts ..
Something I never will be ..
An blue ocean you left ..
For me to drawn in ..
Still I’m breathing ..
I’m moving ..
I’m thriving ..
If I can still yell for help ..
I’ll scream your name Only .. .. !!




Nefelibata : Cloud Walker .. !!


Draw a circle around yourself – invite people in or keep them out,

a Single one is creator of its social geometry.

Calculate your volume .. !!


When He was a little ..

He found a mask ..

It was made up of all the little things ..

People loved about him ..

He put that on Silently ..

Suddenly ..

People were drawn to him ..

so He decided to keep wearing it ..

It was just a mask they love ..

Now he have been worn that ..

Mask for long ..

at present He grapple to remembering ..

the little things he loved ..

about himself ..

Now the world stares at him & ask why ..

But they won’t find what’s beyond ..

the perfect mask ..

He was Dead and yet to choose ..

to Die ..



Integrity .. !!



Flying away on paper wings ..

It’s healing where it shouldn’t ..

It can’t understand the delicate Heart ..

Because it’s under an illusion ..

Doesn’t see, think, or know .. restriction ..

Lost it’s way, what a fool the heart is ..

It can conquer all forts break through walls ..

Love’s beautiful thing, a secured feeling ..

It tosses the heart around now and then ..

The hearts feel more like a sphere ..

It accept every grief with a smile ..

Because it’s under an illusion ..

Doesn’t see, think, or know .. restriction ..

Lost it’s way what the fool Heart is ..

There is a great secret here that you don’t know ..

There is not enough room for the hand, the fist, to hold onto both .. !!



Saudade .. !!



The thought I wrote, for my flame have now entered the bazaar. The verses which were the foundation of our love will be sold to the highest bidder. Worth their weight in silver. my Afkaar, Poetry and emotion.

 Her eyes shine with the flame of the bonfire ..

Snow melts at her feet ..

She tastes like first rain, smell like spring

& dazzles like an oasis in my desert  ..

She lay on the sand with me holding hands ..

Her eyes are the color of rich soil & towering tress ..

She can silence the loud like a rain drop falling ..

Deep & silent .. Surreal and pure ..

I gaze my fingers from her ear to chin ..

She looks at me as we burn in passion & time stops to capture the bliss ..

It’s one look, & there’s a sudden but calm change

in the rhythm of my heart,

It echoes her name ..

And then ..

The morning beckoned took her away ..

Now she shines much brighter than her favourite star in the sky ..

Then I ever will ..

No matter what category she fit into ..

Truth got its sight set on dark .. !!

The appreciation of beauty is limited, If we can’t decipher the soul of a person. I’ve trained my eyes to see beyond the unduly imagination of others about Her .. !!

MuSe !!

Dead Poets .. !!



For once, I wish I could be the Poem instead of the Poet I’ve been.

Rather than forming metaphors on my tongue

She’d drape them on top of my Eyes .. !!

Her Eyes made me Sure .. 

Her Hair were pure Magic ..

Because the first second stunned me ..

Electricity run down my spine ..

The Next second my Mind went Black ..

She made me lose my Mind ..

The third second I recognized my Senses ..

but i thought that this might be a dream ..

Because during the Fourth second ..

I saw Vision i had never seen .. 

And in the Fifth & Sixth second  ..

Her looks makes me Proud ..

I was hers ..

after only Seven seconds in heaven .. !!

For once, I wish i could be the receiver instead of handling out pieces of Heart

as a So-called Writer, a Idiot Lover – I seem to be destined

to give as I’m falling apart .. !!  

Inaayat .. !!

trace ganeshaWhat is the lesson in this wind ? What is this storm trying to tell him ? What will he learn if he ll face it with courage ? With full Honesty and lean to it ..

Have been walked on ..

Used & Forgotten ..

Didn’t regret any moment ..

It’s not a bad thing ..

Leaned a lot ..

Who He can trust & can’t ..

Meaning of friendship and Friendshit ..

Know when world is lying ..

And when Sincere ..

Learn to be tough when needed ..

Learn to grow up when needed ..

Have been to hell & back in few minutes ..

LIFE, living it one day at a time ..

Don’t know ..

How many days are left .. !!

Let the hard things in life break. Let them effect.  Let them change. Let these hard moment inform. Let the pain be teacher.

 ( Never Ran Away – Still Leaning to it .. !! )